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1 in 6 children aged between 5-16 years has a probable diagnosable mental health issue. This is equivalent to 5 children in each and every class of 30, in each and every school. Mental health support services cannot keep up with the increased demand, leaving many families in crisis.

We have to act now!

But how???

One moment at a time...

One Million Moments is a worldwide campaign with one single mission - to reduce the number of children struggling with mental health challenges from 17% to 10% by 2025.

Ambitious? You bet!!

Yet, great things come from small beginnings.

What is One Million Moments all about?

We know prevention is better than cure. Children who feel connected, heard, and understood are less likely to struggle with their mental health.

One Million Moments is all about seizing opportunities to connect with children, moment by moment, day by day.

How will One Million Moments work?

One Million Moments will tackle the mental health crisis using a three pronged approach – prevention, through moments, crisis support, through donations, and paying it forward, through nominations.

it’s as simple as 1...


Focuses on prevention

1 donation

Helps support families already in crisis through our charity partners

1 nomination

Paying it forward and building up momentum

Imagine if we could positively impact one million lives??

By working together, one moment at a time, those moments can make miracles happen!

What is a moment??

A moment is a spontaneous portion of device-free time when we are fully present for our child or teen. A moment is not a defined time period – it can be fleeting when we take a moment to appreciate our child’s smile as they greet us, or longer lasting as we listen to their fears about an upcoming test, or a 5-minute game of hide and seek.

What’s key is we seize opportunities when they arise.

These moments build connection, and connection protects against mental health issues arising.

We’re asking parents to...


Lean-in when moments arise and connect


Listen to truly understand your child’s experience 


 Learn about your child’s inner world and what they need from you

Hello I’m Dr Maryhan, a world renowned parenting expert and psychologist.

For over 20 years I have been supporting children with anxiety and helping parents raise confident, resilient children.

My globally charting How Not To Screw Up Your Kids podcast has been named one of the top 5 parenting podcasts by The Guardian. Consistently charting in the Top 10 Parenting podcasts, I have been called the voice of wisdom for parents all over the world.

I have made 2022 my year of impact and I want you to help me positively impact 1 million lives; one moment at a time.


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